About Me


Hello! I'm Anes Hyseni, a software developer who is passionate about creating immersive digital experiences.


I focus in creating Unity games, 3D websites, and engaging applications that combine creativity and functionality to deliver immersive experiences.
Proficient in the complete spectrum of the creative process, encompassing coding systems, scripting, shaders, VFX, modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, and all other intricacies involved in bringing digital creations to life.



Digital Creation


With over 5 years of experience in C# and Unity, 2+ years in JavaScript, and a semester each in C++, Python, and C, I possess a solid foundation in programming languages. Additionally, I have honed my skills over 5+ years in Blender, 7+ years in Photoshop, 2+ years in Substance Painter, and 1+ year in Unreal Engine, allowing me to seamlessly blend creativity and technical expertise in my projects.